Feedback from some of our clients.

Tamiko S. L: Mom Of None

Working with Rasheeda of Empowering Greatness Inc, very satisfying. She helped me to think outside the box and develop a real plan to move my business forward. Reinforcing, I have a voice in this space that needs to be heard. It was beneficial to developing a plan of action to make the podcast a viable business capable of generating income. She provided direct communication regardless of emotional impact and changed my mindset about podcasting as a business that can spread into other mediums. I can't say I surprised myself, but I can say I was stretched in ways I wasn't expecting expanding my ability to be open to opportunities that may not be directly related to the initial purpose of the podcast. I also expanded the narrow view of what I thought the business should be. I went into this thinking I would come out with a basic plan of action, instead I gained a greater business knowledge. I may not be ready to implement all that I've learned right now but when I do, I know I can do it confidently.

Latricia Friend: Career Documents

This was my second time working with Rasheeda/Empowering Greatness. She is an awesome business consultant for entrepreneurs. From business structure to office/filing organization to referrals for accountants to graphic designers - she is a fantastic resource to have at your side when you are starting a business. I highly recommend her and Empowering Greatness. 

Molly Creese: We Network Services

Rasheeda Frazier of Empowering Greatness Inc is a Powerful Woman. She is actively empowering and making a difference in her community by mentoring and coaching entrepreneurs and business owners on creating and developing a successful business. Her strategic approach gives clarity and insight. Dotting all the I’s and crossing all the T’s is her specialty. Rasheeda Frazier is a Business Coach that supports the growth of her clients and empowers them to maximize their personal and business potential. I believe that I could not get through 2020 without her mentoring. Her creative process gave me perspective, focus, support, and encouragement. I am thankful for her knowledge and expertise. My sessions with Rasheeda have helped me pivot successfully in my business and achieve clarity on my direction and purpose. Rasheeda is a Powerful Woman who values the importance of inspiring visionaries. She believes in helping others to reach their fullest potential. I am delighted to have worked with Rasheeda. She is now a valued member of my network (TRIBE).


Tawayna Nicole: Girl Power Gems & Boutique

Rasheeda Frazier of Empowering Greatness, has literally been more than just my professional business coach. She has been a great part of my personal development, My spiritual enlightenment, and has been my life coach. Rasheeda's business brand truly embodies its nomenclature. She will "empower the greatness" in you and bring out your vision, make it real then guide you through execution. Rasheeda of Empowering Greatness, showed me how much greater my original vision was and how not to be afraid of myself. She believed in my vision and has brought me to a level of achievement I didn't see possible on my own. You will not find a more dedicated professional/ business development Service than Empowering Greatness. When what you do is a passion, it's a movement... Empowering Greatness inspires movement.

Thank you Rasheeda for sharing your gift with me.