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Breaking Through: Overcoming the Fear of Making Money and Being Successful

Updated: Jan 19

Small business owners are often driven by a passion for their work, a desire to create something meaningful, and the satisfaction of providing value to their customers. However, some entrepreneurs may struggle with a fear of making money and being successful. Let’s explore some of the reasons why small business owners may have this fear and how they can overcome it.

Fear of change and uncertainty

Many small business owners are comfortable with the routine and predictability of running a small operation. When success and growth come into play, it can mean changes in how the business is run and the role of the owner. This can create anxiety about the unknown and the potential for losing control, making some entrepreneurs reluctant to pursue growth opportunities.

Fear of failure

Entrepreneurs often invest a significant amount of time, energy, and money into their businesses. The thought of losing it all due to poor decisions or unforeseen circumstances can be a terrifying prospect. This fear can cause some small business owners to hesitate when it comes to taking risks and making decisions that could lead to growth and profitability.

Fear of not being worthy of success

Many small business owners struggle with imposter syndrome, the feeling that they are not qualified or deserving of their success. This can lead to self-sabotage and a reluctance to embrace opportunities that could lead to growth and increased profits.

Fear of success leading to more responsibility

Success often comes with increased responsibility and higher expectations from customers, employees, and stakeholders. This can create a sense of overwhelm and pressure that some small business owners may not feel prepared to handle.


To overcome the fear of making money and being successful, small business owners need to shift their mindset and embrace change. Here are some strategies that can help:

Recognize and challenge limiting beliefs

Small business owners need to identify any limiting beliefs they have about success and money and challenge them. They should question the evidence behind those beliefs and explore how they might be holding them back.

Focus on the benefits of success

Rather than dwelling on the potential negative consequences of success, entrepreneurs should focus on the benefits. This can include increased financial security, the ability to provide for their families and their employees, and the satisfaction of achieving their goals.

Seek support and guidance

Entrepreneurs can seek the support of mentors, coaches, or other business owners who have experienced similar fears and challenges. This can help them gain perspective, learn new strategies, and develop a sense of community.

Embrace risk-taking

Small business owners need to embrace risk-taking and view failure as a learning opportunity. By taking calculated risks, they can discover new opportunities for growth and profitability.

Create a plan for success

Small business owners can develop a plan for success that includes specific goals, strategies, and a timeline. This can help them stay focused, measure progress, and make adjustments along the way.


The fear of making money and being successful is a common struggle for small business owners. However, by taking steps to overcome this fear and embracing growth opportunities, entrepreneurs can achieve their goals and create the thriving businesses they envision. By shifting their mindset, challenging limiting beliefs, seeking support, and taking calculated risks, small business owners can create a path to success. Remember, it's essential to focus on the benefits of success, not just the challenges, and be open to change and new opportunities. With determination, persistence, and the right mindset, small business owners can break through the fear and create the successful business they've always dreamed of.

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Biggest takeaway for anyone looking to be an Entrepreneur or just improving yourself - "embrace risk-taking and view failure as a learning opportunity"

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